Welcome to AAPSComs - Association of African Public Services Commissions

AAPSComs was established on 9 April 2008 at the Speke Resort and Conference Centre in Kampala, Uganda.

About AAPSComs

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between twenty (20) African Public Services Commissions representing fifteen (15) countries in Africa.

The purpose of the Association is to collaborate, share experiences and best practices among Public Services Commissions in order to promote good governance and improve service delivery in the public services of the continent.

AAPSComs Objectives

  • To provide a common platform for the Commissions to promote and share best practices.
  • To promote professionalism in the conduct of the business of the Commissions.
  • To promote research in human resources, public administration and management practices to enhance service delivery.
  • To promote solidarity among African Commissions by fostering relationships towards a shared vision on public administration and management on the continent.
  • To develop and implement common capacity building strategies and programmes in order to recruit and retain a well trained, professional and skilled public service in Africa.
  • To develop linkages and networks with international and regional bodies in order to promote the objectives of the Association and facilitate the implementation of inter-governmental goals applicable to the public service.
  • To promote transparency, accountability and equity in pursuance of good governance.
  • To promote the increased use of information and communication technology and other innovations to improve public administration and management.
  • To enhance the working relationship at the political and administrative interface through the promotion of role-clarification.

Communiques from AAPSComms

Reminder from AAPSComs

Reminder: 2017 Annual Membership Fees

All members of the AAPSComs are reminded that the annual membership subscription fee for 2017 is US$2000 and is payable on/before 15th March 2017.

Members in arrears should include the overdue amounts as reflected in the invoices that have been issued.

If members have not received invoices please send an e-mail to JusticeK@opsc.gov.za or telephone: +27 12 352-1026

Payments should be made by means of bank transfer to:
Bank Name: ABSA Bank Limited
Account Holder: Association of African Public Services Commissions (AAPSComs)
Account Number: 40-7590-6845 AAPSComs 
Swift Address: ABSA ZA JJ
Branch Code: 63 20 05
Beneficiary: AAPSComs
Reference number: NB: Please use the abbreviated name of your Commission and Country and year as reference e.g. CSCZam2017/ PSCUga2017/ FCSCNig2017

Please send scanned proof of payment to: JusticeK@opsc.gov.za and cc NomsaM@opsc.gov.za / and PumezaT@opsc.gov.za

AAPSComs Secretariat

Please take note that Mr Juice Kgoedi (Justice) has taken over the administration of the AAPSComs within the AAPSComs Secretariat.

His contact details are Tel: 012 352 1026 and email: JusticeK@opsc.gov.za

More about AAPSComs


The Executive Committee is headed by the President of the Association and is constituted by five Vice-Presidents.


  • provide strategic direction to the General Assembly;
  • propose and recommend the agenda for the General Assembly;
  • advise, plan and facilitate the business of the General Assembly;
  • receive, review and consolidate reports from the Committees and make recommendations for the General Assembly;
  • discuss activities, budgets and plans of the Association;
  • monitor and evaluate the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly; and
  • source funding for the Association


The Secretariat for the Association is headed by a Secretary, and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Association


In consultation with the President, the Secretariat:
  • Prepares the Agenda of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.
  • Gives notice of meetings three months prior to the date of the meeting.
  • Prepares minutes of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.
In addition, the Secretariat:
  • Circulates minutes and relevant documentation to all members within 30 days of meetings.
  • Keeps all records of the Association.
  • Makes all relevant logistical arrangements for meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.
  • Coordinates the work of the Committees.


The General Assembly:
  • is constituted by the Chairpersons and/or their representative(s) of the registered Commissions;
  • comprises the Secretariat as ex-officio members;
  • meets once a year to deliberate on issues and proposals; and
  • has powers to direct its own proceedings.


The General Assembly is responsible for appointing standing committees of the Association.

The committees are established as the need arrises.

AAPSComs Member countries